Meet the Team

George “Ren” McEachern


Ren is a former FBI Supervisory Agent with over 20+ years driving innovation and leading growth in public and private sectors. During his FBI tenure, Ren developed and implemented a proactive global FBI strategy to combat international money laundering, foreign bribery, and kleptocracy related matters. In 2018, he joined Exiger as Managing Director/Executive Committee Member, focusing on financial crime engagements for multinational corporations, government agencies, financial institutions, and law firms, specializing in internal investigations, risk management, by leveraging AI-powered risk and compliance solutions. Four years later, he founded the financial crime compliance firm, TrustStorm, to support clients from leading law firms, multi-sector global corporations, and financial institutions, in addressing regulatory compliance requirements and the mitigation of financial crime risk.

Robert Appleton


Robert specializes representing both foreign and US companies and individuals in cross border matters, including cryptocurrency fraud, asset recovery, whistleblower claims, defending companies and individuals before US regulatory agencies. Robert spent more than 14 years in the DOJ as a senior and later supervisory federal prosecutor leading numerous high profile international fraud and corruption cases, money laundering and international trade prosecutions.  

Adam Lurie


Adam is a seasoned executive with over 20 years in technology and risk management. As CEO of Convergent Solutions, he guided the company to a lucrative acquisition by Exiger, ensuring a return for stakeholders. At Exiger, he led the Federal Solutions division, growing the business significantly in two years. Adam also successfully launched and led a social media data firm to acquisition, demonstrating his exceptional leadership and strategic vision.

Michael Borowski

Product Lead

Michael has over 7 years of experience in blockchain, data analytics, building data retrieval and data display tools. In 2019, he co-founded a web3 enabled platform that aggregated thousands of sources from around the web using AI topical tagging, scoring, and summaries. The platform gathered data from a variety of sources including news outlets, media streams, publications, patents, and SEC filings to provide AI generated summaries and curated feeds.  This platform was acquired by a private company in 2022. ​

Austin Baxter

DevOps Lead

A developer with extensive experience in audio research, web scraping, and building cloud-native applications. His work has included developing advanced process automations and internal tools to serve the data collection and product testing needs of the biggest tech companies in Silicon Valley.

Neil Alexander

Data Lead

Neil is a distinguished expert in the technology sector, boasting a decade-long journey as a data scientist, research scientist, and developer, with a deep-seated expertise in machine learning. His innovative contributions include the development of advanced data analysis pipelines tailored for the cryptocurrency news space. Beyond his technical prowess, Neil is also a prolific editor, having developed over twenty-five programming textbooks.