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Fraud thrives in the shadows of Off-chain data

FraudOptics stands as a pioneering Commercial Risk Intelligence Platform, offering a global vantage point into the intricate web of connections between businesses, individuals both on and off-chain, and their corresponding blockchain wallets.

Off-Chain Labels
On-Chain Labels
Risk Assessed Wallets
About FraudOptics

What we do.

FraudOptics gathers and validates off-chain data through a broad range of public sources to aggregate unique information about blockchain users, cryptocurrency frauds, and their linked digital wallets.

What we offer.

FraudOptics API

Data API—a powerful tool designed to elevate your existing platform or application. Gain access to an extensive collection of on and off-chain wallet datapoints, providing insights from the blockchain to equip yourself against fraudulent users and interactions. Elevate your project with seamless integration, comprehensive data, and continuous growth through our Data API.

FraudOptics API
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Why People Choose Us

Our team presents a compelling choice for your needs, showcasing diverse expertise and accomplishments. With backgrounds ranging from senior FBI leadership, DOJ prosecution, advanced development, to blockchain and data analytics, our collective experience forms a comprehensive toolkit. We’ve strategized and executed multi-billion-dollar penalties against corporations, navigated cross-border complexities, developed automation solutions for tech giants, and pioneered AI-driven data aggregation platforms. This breadth of skills ensures that choosing our team translates to exceptional results and innovative product for your company.

Off-Chain Data

We handle external information and interactions outside the blockchain networks

On-Chain Data

Our Product traces and monitors blockchain data, offering comprehensive insights into the journey and authenticity of digital transactions

Darkweb tracking

We proactively monitor and analyze hidden online activities, providing crucial intelligence to agencies and experts for combating illicit digital operations

Use Cases

Harness On and Off-chain data for smarter decisions: assess risks, build trust through marketing, and track criminal activities with transparency.


Harnessing our expertise as former FBI/DOJ professionals, we empower you with the ability to prevent fraud before it happens, providing both clients and potential customers/investors with unparalleled peace of mind through real-time monitoring of transactions. rapid detection of suspicious activities, and adherence to regulatory requirements.


Enhance transparency, scale, automate and aid in the identification and tracking of individuals involved in criminal activities through our valuable and relevant off-chain data.


Identify good leads faster by enriching your investigation with our data. Verify evidence, individuals, and uncover digital trails crucial to solving modern crimes.

Report a wallet

Involved in a scam? Work with one of our partners by opening up and investigation.

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Exploring the Dynamic World of On and Off-Chain Data: Unveiling Insights, Trends, and Possibilities.